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to put it right having money in your bank account may be enough but tiktok coins definitely are not just like every app has its own currency this one does too if you want these tiktok coins you need to shell out real money with these coins you can give a gift to someone honor someone s work or return a favor if you agree with the concept of twitch tipping you should enjoy the exchange of gestures


the tiktok coins club generator is one of the more infamous tiktok generator websites online and like all of the other websites and services that claim to give you free coins it should be avoided at all costs

suppose there is a user who actively spend time on your videos and you want to show some love towards them you can simply send a diamond to them and express that you value them very much this is how the coins are working on tiktok

i don t write reviews but i m bored soooo why not this is my most used app i go on it every day for a longgggggg time if you have something you don t like about the app like you don t like what videos or lives etc that you see you can always put your finger on the screen and hold it then click not interested it s easy and if it s a video that is against the guidelines you can report it too it s fast and easy and by the way yes you do need to do the not interested thing multiple times but in a day or 2 it will be off your page also the app is just really easy to use and there isn t really a problem with the app besides maybe some of the people on it but every big social app always has people who are going to be rude so you can t blame the app for that also you could always report someone if they are being too rude also if the app knows you are very young it will monitor the app more and make it more safe also makes your account automatically private because old people on the app if you get what i mean the app also makes it easy to find people if you have them in your contacts also tiktok is a app for a lot of things to entertain any age and if you search up the right things you can also get educated on stuff


whether it s for brand sponsored content or affiliate content it s important that your content comes across as authentic tiktok audiences can smell inauthenticity from a mile away so make sure you re only promoting brands that you truly love even if you haven t heard of or tried out the brand before try to take some time to study them before you decide to work with them


like snapchat and igtv the convention on tiktok is to upload vertical videos the ideal aspect ratio is 1080x1920 write a suitable description of each video and include relevant hashtags pick an exciting thumbnail image for each video make sure you pick the most appropriate categories for your videos

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